junetJunet Mohammed has stated repeatedly that the statement that took him to Pangani was not hate speech, and actually many people agreed.

If he had not spoken ‘hate speech’ then, he sure as hell has now.

Addressing the media outside Ronalo Restaurant on Tuesday after their lunch with Cord leader Raila Odinga, Junet Mohammed said that he was shocked at the size of Moses Kuria’s ‘balls’.

“Kwa wale wazee walifungwa kwa jela mimi ndio nilikuwa kijana ndani yao. Na niliona siku ambaye tuliingia kwa jela usiku, nilikuwa nafikiri Moses Kuria ni mwanaume. Nikaona kama makende imeisha ndani yake,” he said to huge laughter from the crowd.

“Niliona suruali ya Moses Kuria kama iko bure, ndio nikajua kwamba mambo imeharibika,” he added.

That translates to,

“Among the people locked up in Pangani, I was the youngest. On the night we arrived at Pangani, I thought Moses Kuria was a man. But I saw as if he had no balls. I checked his trousers and there was nothing to talk about. That’s when I knew things are thick.”

Here’s the clip.

Well, I think that’s enough with the details.