alfredMachakos County governor Dr Alfred Mutua’s popularity has reached a new level after a newborn baby boy was recently named after him.

The boy was christened the name by his mother, all thanks to the First Lady of Machakos County, Lilian Ng’ang’a.

About two weeks ago, the governor’s wife toured a health center in the county where she met the woman.

The woman revealed to the First Lady that despite checking into the health center early in the morning, she did not deliver until Lilian Ng’ang’a drove in.

“Last week while touring a health center in the County, this Mother gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him after H E Dr Mutua. She said it’s because she had come early in the morning but did not deliver until I drove in,” said the Machakos County First Lady.

“Says I came with luck for her and hence the naming,” she added.

The First Lady also promised the mother that she would attend his 1st Birthday.

“I held this handsome boy minutes after he came into this world and I promised the mother to attend his 1st Birthday God willing,” she concluded.