Monique-Hot 96 FM presenter Monique Kabuye is a vastly experienced media personality who wears many hats. The sultry, golden voiced beauty is also a gifted singer/songwriter and TV Presenter with quality script writing.

She opened up to eDaily recently and gave a candid look into her life.

Here’s her story:

She is from Uganda

Monique is proud to be an East African baby.

“I am originally from Uganda but Kenya is my second home, it has been my home for a long time.”

She got into the music industry by chance

Music is one of those things she was dared to do by one of her sisters.

“I grew up singing, but I never thought it would be a professional thing.  Starting off, it was one of those things I would do for fun. Years went by and I attended a couple of variety shows and I would win each one. One of my sisters asked me to part of a reality show. It was the first of its kind in East Africa, it was Coca Cola Popstars. It is the same TV show that launched the careers of the Lillian Mbabazi, Jackie Chandiru, Sanaipei Tande and a couple of other artists. Three East African groups were made from that and I was a finalist. I didn’t win but it gave me a platform to launch my career.”

She was 18 when she had her first single

After Coca Cola Popstars, Monique was signed to Homeboyz entertainment where other gifts developed.

“I was always at the forefront as a song writer and as a creative. I worked for homeboyz creative for a while, writing for the website and doing a lot of content development. I truly appreciate that time when I was working under their guidance.”

She hosted Afrodizzia for5 years

She auditioned for the TV show and got the job.

“I remember the first thing that was said is ‘you have a smile we can’t forget, its good for TV.’ I said alright, I’ll try. I loved that part of my life because I got to polish some skills I didn’t know I had. Being a TV presenter is a lot of selflessness. You have to give more than you are actually feeling. It showcased a lot of talent from Africa and I loved dressing up!”

She was a show creator and producer at Homeboyz Radio

When homeboyz started their radio station, Monique got on board.

“When everyone was playing urban music and hip-hop, I was channelling my inner African Diva. I did a show called Afro-Central. I coined the phrase, created the content and I appreciate being given that platform. Sunday mornings were just a beautiful journey across Africa, scouting for talent and giving them platforms for them to be heard. Amazing artists were born on that show. I then did a house music show called Cafe Mock-UP. The show still exists but I had to move on. My journey continued. ”

She joined Hot 96FM in late 2013.

She stopped doing music for a while when she lost her dad in 2014

Monique’s father was sick for a while in 2013 before he succumbed in 2014.

“I could not give any creative input in whatever project. Emotionally, it affected a lot of things I was doing. If you are a creative you know that it comes from the heart, I don’t believe in just doing things for the sake of doing them. I just couldn’t write even if I wanted to, I couldn’t perform even if I wanted to. But I loved the fact that I had so much love and feedback from my fans on social media. My album in still available and at the time, they asked me to come back and do more music. I focused on radio. I channelled everything that I have into radio. ”

She is a new mother

Monique has a beautiful daughter named Aiko.

She is engaged to be married

Wedding bells will be ringing for Monique before the end of the year.

“I am seeing a very amazing gentleman. I call him my dark chocolate, my dream come true and my best friend.”

She is signed to a new label

Monique’s new album is set to be out soon.

“I keep surprising myself, I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

She is ageless

Monique has a young spirit.

“Yummy mummy forever sexy, that’s as old as I get.”

Source: eDaily