bungomaRemember Saleh Wanjala? The 41-year-old bungoma man who shocked the world by hanging onto a moving helicopter? Of course you do, you would be crazy to forget the Kenyan James Bond.

Well, in his honour, game developers have created a game aptly titled ‘Bungoma Hangman.’ 

The game is rather straightforward and simplistic but challenging and fun. Players earn points by covering as much distance as possible while hanging on a chopper.

It involves avoiding birds and electricity poles. There is also food in the form of sukuma wiki (kales), ugali and kuku (chicken) to replenish your energy so that you are able to hang on for a long period.

Its only drawback is that it does not have an exit button. The developers have however promised more updates.

The game was developed by Mesmerize Games and is compatible with android devices.

It is available for free on google play store.


bungoma hangman

bungoma hangman1

Here’s a clip by a fan:
Echenze – New silly game alert: Bungoma Hangman ????… | Facebook

Well, it’s only a matter of time before the ever winning creative Kenyans develop a Kidero Vs Sonko game.