pornhubThe world’s most popular porn site,, released a report last week to close the International Women’s month.
Using data from female visitors, Pornhub has mapped all regions of the world based on their women’s favorite category of porn.
About 24% of Pornhub’s 60 million daily visitors are women, giving a figure of about 15 million. They use Google Analytics to know the gender of their visitors.
The world’s most popular category is ‘Lesbian’, and it particularly takes the no. 1 slot in North, Central and South America, as well as Western Europe and Australia… and you guessed it, Kenya.
While most of African women prefer ‘Ebony’, Kenyans, Ugandans and South Africans are more into Lesbian porn.
Women in Russia and Ukraine like it ‘Anal’, while Kazakhstan prefers ‘Big Dick’.
Not surprising, ‘Hentai’ is huge in Japan and some other countries in Asia.
In the US, while ‘Lesbian’ is by far the most popular category, the different states differ in their preference.
The world’s average on minutes spent per visit to Pornhub is 10 minutes 33 seconds. Philippines however spend 4 minutes more.
Well, this presents a new headache to the Deputy President and the clerics.