attitudeAfro fusion Kenyan singer Mercy Myra last week signed divorce papers to bring an end to a 10 year marriage to rapper Attitude. The singer broke the news in a post on social media as she celebrated what has been a tough 4 year journey to signing the documents.

On his side, US based rapper Attitude also took to his Facebook to share his side of the story. According to the rapper, the couple were abusive to each other and he is glad he is no longer married to Mercy Myra.

However, his greatest fear of not having to see his daughter may have come true. He now wants the right to be a present father.

This was his long post on Friday,

“Throughout this year long divorce precedings, my right to continue seeing my daughter has been my biggest concern.. I am glad I am no longer married to Mercy Myra believe me in all honesty.. She didnt marry Obama and i definately didnt marry Michelle.. We were abusive to each other.. Both physically (on both parts, yes Mercy Myra has initiated violent contact with me)and verbally(on both parts once again).. Not a great environment to raise a child in… No one know the full story because out of repect for my family’s privacy i tried my best not to air dirty laundry on public lines.. I have long felt if I signed my daughters passport, Mercy will leave and never come back making it difficult for me to see and have a relationship with my daughter.. My fears have now become truths.. In a court preceding I had no idea was happening, Mercy, her legal aid, and Judge Mary Staley of Cobb County magistrate court ruled against me in all matters AND TOOK AWAY MY RIGHT AS A FATHER AND GRANTED MERCY FULL PERMISSION TO SIGN TAYLINS PASSPORT AS MOTHER AND DAD.. A FEDERAL RIGHT OF MINE HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY IN A COUNTY COURT… The judge hated me from word go and would immaturely roll her eyes in an obvious biased opinion as I would talk on the stand.. (I have many witnesses that will confirm) how did that just happen?? Let me explain further… I received a call from Mercy’s lawyer asking me to push mediation back a couple weeks on or around Nov. 6th.. I obliged because of a busy schedule and anyway, my lawyer informed me In COBB COUNTY before a final divorce hearing, mediation must be done.. Less than 30 days later, no rescheduled mediation, in a contempt hearing, i have been ruled against because I missed the date I was not informed of in ANY WAY.. ONE COURT DATE!!! I have been present at all other hearings, I have done the classes asked of me in a timely fashion and overnight my daughter has been snatched from my grasp.. I am asking for any type of help or advice on what move to make to appeal the custody precedings or lock up the passport decision until we find a FAIR WAY of resolving it… Please anyone.. I dropped my lawyer and am in the process of finding the right one, but in between time, the situation has humbled me…. I just want the right to be a present father..”