Socialite turned singer Vanessa Chettle appears to have made a new lady friend in Noti Flow.

The two have taken to social media this week to flaunt their newfound friendship that has got a lot of people talking. The photos show the two rappers bonding over sheesha and waking up in bed together.

This comes barely two months after Vanessa Chettle declared that she is not into girls anymore. The lass has also been rumored to have broken up with Tanzanian producer Sappy.

Perhaps Vanessa has found much-needed solace in Noti Flow. And going by the reputation of Noti Flow, Vanessa may have just relapsed back into doing girls.

It is also likely that they are just two struggling artists looking for a publicity stunt to keep people talking, or perhaps they are just good, straight friends. Lol

Here are the photos. Make of them what you will.