Love is not always smooth as people make it sound. Sometimes it gets rough and ends up physically hurting the ones in it. In a world where infidelity is the order of the day, you can be sure that arguments and fights take the center-stage in most of the relationships today. Well, that has been the case for this unlucky lady who got a brutal beating from her jealous boyfriend who has been doubting her faithfulness for days on end.

While reporting to police about the ordeal, Irene Mueni said that her boyfriend, Enock Mwilu Mutunga, attacked her on 6th December after he picked an argument with her accusing her of infidelity on their way home from a birthday party. Though she pleaded innocent and begged him to end the discussion, an irritated Enock even tried to push her from a boda boda they had boarded to home. Lucky enough, she did not fall. Hell broke loose on her when they arrived home where she got a merciless beating from an already agitated hubby.

In the process, she unfortunately got hit with an iron box, before being stabbed with an umbrella that made her bleed profusely and collapse as a result of being overpowered by the chauvinist. However mad at her, he took her to hospital where she got first aid before she reported the matter to police who are yet to arrest the man for his rowdy actions.

Below is a photo of the man responsible for Mueni’s injuries and others showing how badly she got hurt during the scuffle.

Enock Mwilu

Irene Mueni 1
Irene Mueni 4
Irene Mueni 3
Irene Mueni 2