uonAbout 40 University of Nairobi students on Friday took the ‘Waiguru’ joke too far, after eating at a restaurant in Nakuru and refusing to pay.

The students stormed Arafat Coast Dishes along Kenyatta Avenue at around 3.20pm, and ordered for food. The hotel owner, Mr Faisal Saleh, was extremely happy when he saw them enter, as business had been low on that day.

He told Nation, “When I saw them enter my hotel I was happy because I knew I will make a kill since business was low on that day.”

His joy was however short lived because after they were done eating, they started chanting Waiguru must pay! Waiguru must pay! Waiguru must pay!” as they walked out. They had accumulated a bill of more than Sh14,000.

Waiters tried to make them pay, but they held their ground and boarded their bus which was waiting outside. By this time the guard who had attempted to restrain them had already been overpowered and wrestled to the ground.

One waiter was reportedly injured after receiving a thorough beating from the students. They even threatened to lynch him.

The rowdy students did not stop there.

After leaving the restaurant, they raided a nearby supermarket’s liquor section and made their way with tens of bottles. Nairobi News reports that they started the party right outside the parking bay, leaving shoppers shocked as they shouted obscenities.

They smashed several empty bottles on the ground apparently to scare away guards manning ATMs nearby.

Anti-riot police arrived at the scene 20 minutes too late. “We tried to give chase along the busy Nakuru- Eldoret Highway using a police land rover but failed to catch up with them,” said Mr Faisal.

Mr. Faisal is still waiting on the University to follow up.

Additional reporting by Nairobi News.