alaiBlogger Robert Alai is in mourning after losing his brother Tom Alai to a road accident. Tom was knocked down by a motorist last week on Thursday at Kinoo Stage on Waiyaki Way, after which the driver drove off with him “claiming he was rushing him to hospital.”

On Sunday, Alai wrote on Facebook,

“I have an APPEAL. My brother Tom Alai has been missing since Thursday 26th November. He was last spotted at the Kinoo stage on the same evening (around 7pm) crossing the road from the National Oil petrol station.

He was REPORTEDLY knocked down by a speeding motorist while crossing Waiyaki Way. Witnesses report that the motorist then drove off with him claiming that he was rushing him to hospital. We have checked at Kikuyu, Thogoto, St Teresa, Kiambu, Tigoni and KNH without success.

If you have information about an unidentified patient in an hospital, please get in touch. If you know where Tom is, please get in touch too.

Tom is famously referred to as Josi, Odhiambo or Onyango by those who know him in different circumstances. Please call 0708-677607 if you have any information about where Tom might be”

Yesterday however, they found his body at City Mortuary where he was taken by the police after allegedly being dumped at Gitaru.

“UPDATE: Found the body of my brother Tom Alai at City Mortuary. The person who knocked him down dumped him at a place called Gitaru in Kikuyu town. Kikuyu Police station took him to city mortuary. ‪#‎RIPTomAlai‬” Robert Alai wrote on Facebook.

May he rest in peace.