Ray-CYou will have to wait a little longer for Ray C’s highly anticipated comeback into the music scene.

The Tanzanian songstress, Rehema Chalamila, has suffered a major setback in her plans, after her promoters abandoned her because she is broke.

Speaking to Bongo5, Ray C said, “I have no option but to struggle on my own because the people I counted on have abandoned me.”

Expounding on why the producers, promoters and managers have deserted her, she said, “As you know, the music industry today needs a lot of money because of video shoots, song promotion and much more. A lot of money is needed and I don’t have money.”

She cited her struggles with drug addiction as the reason for her financial woes.

“You know too well I am a recovering drug addict, and I lost a lot of resources during drug abuse and rehabilitation. It is now that I am putting my house in order,” she said.

Nonetheless, the outspoken musician says there are a few well wishers who have offered to finance the video shoot of her next project.

“There are people who have offered to do my videos, but to be honest, the projects will be complete in 2016 because I need to prepare myself better.”