There has been a million speculations and never-ending rumors about Lilian Muli’s private life after she separated from her husband. The stunning screen siren Citizen TV news anchor has kept matters of her love-life under the carpet, something that has been itching the nosy public, especially Team Mafisi, with curiosity and lots of unanswered questions.

However, to ease your curiosity, I stumbled upon a couple of some pictures of the Slimpossible show hanging around a hunk dude who is said to be a good friend to her. The chemistry the two have is rumored to have raised a lot of questions in the newsroom. Phew! Below are photos of the lucky lad named Daudi who enjoys the company of the hot anchor while at work.

Lilian Muli studio 1
Lilian Muli studio 3
Lilian Muli studio 2
Lilian Muli studio 4