On Monday, Nairobi County governor Dr. Evans Kidero came under harsh criticism for failing the county. Through twitter, social media users held the governor accountable for a city brimming with heaps of garbage. Through the trending topic Kidero Failed Nairobi, most Nairobians were of the view that the once green city under the sun, is now garbage city.

Following the onslaught, Kidero on Tuesday directed County Executive for Environment, Evans Ondieki and the Environment team to ensure waste and litter within Nairobi City and its environs was cleared within the next three days.

In his statement, Kidero said

I am aware of the sudden deteriorating environmental situation and equally disturbed about it as your fellow Nairobian. Solid waste is a major challenge in African cities. This situation is exacerbated because most residents have not adapted to good practice as they dump waste anywhere and anyhow therefore complicating the management of solid waste and collection.

Nairobi’s over three million residents generate over 2,000 metric tonnes of waste every day, a figure that is expected to grow to 3,900 tonnes by 2030 in the wake of increased urbanization. It is therefore imperative that proper infrastructure is put in place both for waste collection and management of the disposal site in order to counter the eminent challenges of urbanization.

I have with immediate effect directed my County Executive for Environment, Evans Ondieki and his Chief Officer, Dr Leah Oyake and the Environment team to ensure waste and litter within Nairobi City and its environs is cleared within the next three days. Yesterday evening and in the coming days the Nairobi City County Environment teams continue to clean various parts of the City. In the long term the phased implementation of integrated solid waste Masterplan is designed to systematically address the challenges that are being encountered at the moment.

When I was elected the first Governor of Nairobi City my mandate was to bring sanity to the city’s challenges. Solving these after almost 50 years of neglect is never going to be achieved overnight but I can assure you that it will be done. I would also like to urge all Nairobi residents on the need to litter and dispose solid waste responsibly as we seek to make Nairobi the shining city in the sun you know it can be.

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Ongoing solid waste collection in various parts of the CBD, Kibra and Eastleigh 1st avenue.

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