What makes great artists stand out from the rest, is their contribution to the society beyond their music.

P unit’s Frasha, who has since rebranded as I Am Frasha on a solo musical career has joined the list of Kenyan musicians doing things of great importance and significance in the society. The hitmaker is set to partner with Islamic Centre orphanage in Turkana to support orphans.

He was in Turkana County recently to discuss a partnership to mentor and support talent at the orphanage.

“By next year we will be looking at ways of partnering with them. We plan on helping the school. We are going to mentor the children in sports and other talents. I believe every child in this country has the right to education and sports,” he said.

On his social media pages, he shared photos of his time with the wonderful kids and wrote, “These kids deserve rights like any other kids in this world great to see young muslim leader’s showing leadership at lowdar islamic center in turkana mentoring a generation of responsible men and women.”

Here are the photos