Local matatu SACCO’s have of late been investing so much in public services vehicles in a bid to offer more comfort to their passenger while they travel. Before the year ends, I had to write about this amazing Rongai matatu that is simply the coolest ride in town right now. It has a rotating LED projector screen on its floor and very comfortable seats with smaller screens on their backs.

In total, the minibus has a total of 40 screens, including a 52-inch at the front and a 20-inch at the back. Apart from that, the decorated mat has 350 bulbs installed on it that light up and glow with different colors.

Enough talk about its mind-blowing design, below is how the ‘mother of all mats’ looks like.

  Catalyst Rongai 9
Catalyst Rongai 8
Catalyst Rongai 7
Catalyst Rongai 6
Catalyst Rongai 5
Catalyst Rongai 2
Catalyst Rongai 1
Catalyst Rongai 10

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Reason #13 Because one Screen is never enough40 screens in one Matatu (Catalyst – Rongai)- A screen on every passenger seat- 10 common screens- 3 screens on the floor/walkwayBoard a Matatu today

Posted by Matwana ( matatu culture ) on Sunday, 29 November 2015