kq1Via @doncorleon85

It’s either an innocent case of mix-up, or a confirmation of the alleged thieving at Kenya Airways where some junior staff are said to sell company liquor for their own benefit.

A guy going with the Twitter handle @doncorleon85 on Monday bought Kevian’s ‘Pick and Peel’ juice at Nakumatt Prestige Ngong Road, only to find that each of the two packets had a ‘Property of Kenya Airways’ sticker.


He alerted both Nakumatt and Kenya Airways, and both promised to follow up. Nakumatt went further and requested for the receipt number.


Whether or not the ‘underground’ sale of KQ liquor and other consumables is taking place, it would be a big surprise if Nakumatt is a participant. All in all, an explanation of how the juice found its way there should follow, since KQ is a publicly traded company.