JKUAT gate

Bachelor of Business Information Technology, or BBIT as it is commonly called. A very clever name chosen by some marketing genius to lure those who want to get a taste of IT but not be branded nerds.

It is offered by several universities in Kenya, both public and private, but Googling it, it seems like it was purely a Kenyan invention… very few if any universities abroad have it.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Apparently, Kenyans on Twitter think BBIT students are not your go to people when you need either business or IT expertise. Some of them are so bad with their fingers they can’t even install an antivirus on a computer (allegedly).

Those commenting on Twitter claim BBIT graduates are only good at copying movies on flash disks, restarting the computer, adjusting the brightness among other ‘light duties’.

Not my words.. here are some of those tweets.

But I think the concept of BBIT is brilliant, if only our Universities can put more emphasis on the practical side, and students stop photocopying and photographing each others’ notes.