Kisumu boda boda
There is so much evil hovering around the world that is changing people’s morals so fast. It is shocking to realize that nowadays, one can forgo money for services rendered and in exchange opt to be paid with sexual offers.

Yes, such is the situation in the lake region that is Kisumu County. Boda boda operators in the area have raised their concern following the rising number of persuasive women who are willingly to offer their bodies for sex (instead of money) whenever they get a motorbike ride. The sad thing about this rare/new mode of payment is that most of the youthful boda boda riders have fallen for the pleasure trap and are said to be going home without anything to show off but the risk of contracting deadly diseases.

Reports have it that wealthy women have also picked up the behavior and are luring young men for sexual favors during this festive season. It will also be remembered that this County is notorious for HIV/AIDS cases. Early this year, the County made headlines after women bought fish from fishermen through sex.

Well, let’s hope that this trend won’t spread to the other counties. Anyway, as you celebrate Christmas remember to play safe.