denno1Gospel crooner Daddy owen has come out to clarify on the sad plight of Denno since they worked on a jam together.

Denno’s unfortunate story was brought to light by Bahati on Sunday, detailing how the blind singer had not received his royalties from the Mbona collaboration with Daddy Owen. As a result, fingers have been pointed at Daddy Owen.

Daddy Owen’s brother, Rufftone defended him saying, “Bwana asifiwe. I have seen that Bahatis article on Deno and i think it is sad. Personally I know many could be pointing fingers at Daddy Owen secretly in their hearts but i am a witnesses to Daddy Owen starting a business for Denno. You all remember Daddy Owen giving Denno one million shillings. So many things could have happened but I think new financial systems and investment programmes should be introduced for artists empowerment”.

The story took another twist after Denno was reached for comment by Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo. He insisted that he did not get the royalties and does not understand why Rufftone had to say what he said.

The Morning Kiss presenters also reached out to Daddy Owen who said that he had reached out to Denno and his family to resolve the issue.

Listen to the interview below