One of Kenya’s most popular singers, Mercy Myra is officially divorced from her husband of 10 years. The celebrated Afro-fusion singer separated from rapper Attitude back in 2011.

Four years later, the divorce has been finalised prompting Mercy Myra to take to her Facebook to break the big news.

Earlier this year, the US based rapper refuted claims by the singer that they were divorced. Well, looks like it is official now if Mercy Myra’s post is anything to go by.

She wrote last week,

“Today I woke up with Gods Voice ever sooooo clearly “..I HAVE NOT FORSAKEN YOU.remember….YOU ARE GODS CHILD…”
In this picture..a long looooooong while back.. I started a journey. NOT KNOWING and or HOW. I put pen to paper to The beginning of a lifetime ahead of me. Need I even mention the bad..naaah..I cannot do that because out of THIS JOURNEY that I have come THUS FAR from, My Father God has blessed me, had plans for me.My Abba God had lessons for me, class was in session. And out of it all..I learned humility, patience, love but mostly..Mostly.. FORGIVENESS with a clean and genuine heart.
This day, this time, today’s hour was 2.30pm 1st December 2015 when finally…Finally it All came to an end..YES..END!!! The end of a chapter in my life BUT..THE BEGINNING of a beautiful journey ahead. Signing THESE documents WAS The beginning to actual Self Freedom from a journey before that had taken 4yrs..FINALLY.. God revealed His truth..His truth that I..Me..Mercy..Gods Child.. That I was Ready. FIINALLY!!!
Never in Bitterness..naaah…just in awe of Gods goodness and faithfulness to those that are true, honourable, honest, without ill intentions and or malice..GOD IS GOOD AAAALL THE TIME! No matter what! I Finally taste the freedom!!!!
I am greatful for the lessons and wear my badge with pride and honour.
I would like to thank Aaall those that prayed for me knowingly and un-knowingly. Held my hand and believein me and for me. Those who have stood and continue to stand by me and everything that I am. I AM GRATEFUL. I AM HUMBLED..I AM FOREVER HONOURED!!!
‪#‎FinallyIWalkEvenTaller‬ eeeiiiishthe best part about THIS JOURNEY i have been on is that it is and will NEVERTHELESS be with regret..but with gratitude for the lessons and wisdom that has come with it!
God is just too good to me.‪#‎GodsTimeIsTheRightTime‬!
Gnite yall.