ConjesA health expert taking care of former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng’ has revealed the cause of her health problems.

Dr. Javan Ochieng of the Foundation of Hope Treatment Centre in Kisumu where Conjestina was admitted for rehabilitation, says that the former boxer has been on a high level of marijuana dependency. In addition to marijuana, alcohol too has played a part in deteriorating her condition.

“Conjestina was admitted about a week ago for two situations: clinical depression and high level of marijuana dependency. She smokes a lot of weed as her primary drug of choice, and her secondary drug of choice is alcohol,” Ochieng as quoted by Citizen Digital.

The medic said that Conjestina is going through detoxification that will run for a month, after which she will need psychotherapy.

“She’s going through medical detoxification to purge out the effects of marijuana and also manage her depressive episodes – that will run for a month. After that, she’ll need psychotherapy – sessions where she’d be counseled by clinicians on the biological effects of the drugs she is dependent on,” said Dr Ochieng.

“The treatment period ideally will take three months. However, there may be need to extend her care; which will run for another month or two. Social reintegration should thereafter pick up,” added the doctor.