fashWith only one week to Christmas, all roads lead to Eastleigh. The renowned ‘Garissa Lodge’ has been the go-to place for ‘Christmas clothes’ for the longest period. It is liked for the relatively cheap clothes (but obviously not genuine brands)

However in the last few years, a lot has changed and security-wise it’s not the most recommended place. Other than that, the atmosphere has changed and last time I passed by the place, the sight of garbage everywhere deterred me from returning any time soon.

If you have reservations about heading to Eastleigh, here’s a solution for you: online shopping.

In Kenya, online shopping is underrated. The ease of finding what you want is incredible and delivery time has come down drastically.

Between now and the new year, the hottest selling items will be clothes and shoes. So we may as well direct you to the best online place to check them out.

Kaymu comes to mind.

The good stuff – hard to find in city shops, is all there. Talk of Nike Air Force 1 and Air Max – probably the hottest thing in men’s fashion right now.

Original Converse in all colours, sneakers, loafers etc.. you’ll find it all here. Check out Kaymu’s men’s shoes.

Shirts, T-shirts, pants and accessories for men are also in plenty.

There’s also an entire section for women. We’re talking about tops, skirts, lingerie, African wear, maternity wear, handbags etc.

womTrust me you can’t go wrong on this one.

Head to Kaymu right now and make your selection.