SISQOAfter the success of the mega concert starring Sisqo and Dru Hill, Property Reality Company (PRC) are planning bigger things in 2016.

PRC founder and managing director told Word Is, “We brought Dru Hill and Sisqo, we were celebrating our five year anniversary and we wanted to give back to all our clients and people who supported us over the five years and wanted to have a really nice concert that targeted our core audience between 25 and 45 years old. It was a successful event. It was so successful that we have decided to actually have a bi-annual event and we can actually confirm that by April 1, 2016 we will have another The Plot.”

Brian added,”We cannot disclose the artiste. There is a lot that goes into getting the right artiste but we in talks with a couple of names. The price has to be right. And they have to be available. But what I can confirm is that there will be two international acts for the next The Plot and not one.”

On the success of The Plot featuring Sisqo, Brain said, “We got a lot of people discussing it on social media pages. it really went over and above our expectations. Music gives you experiences that you tend to remember longer than a TV or a print advert. And anyone who is was at the concert on that day will remember that experience and it will stick with them for much longer than a billboard would for two months or an advert would for a year.”

“We did our research and found that brands that do big concerts tend to have a lasting memory in their targets audience. We were very specific about which artiste we wanted to come and what kind of experience we wanted our clients to enjoy. In terms of revenue it did wonders for us that month because we had a lot more clients that lead to a lot more sales,” he said.