christmasAlmost everyone is now deeply immersed in the holiday spirit. Christmas is just one week away and basically the whole of next week will be full of festivities.

Many Kenyans are last minute shoppers and starting this weekend, businesses are set to make a kill. However, with demand for certain goods going over the roof, the prices will naturally also go up.

It therefore presents a tricky situation for those looking to buy gifts on a budget.

Below we look at 5 gift ideas for your parents, for under Sh3000

1. Egg cooker/boiler


In most families, it’s a tradition to have eggs for breakfast on particular days of the week. Boiling is mostly done the old and tired way of immersing them in a sufuria full of water.

Surprise your parents this Christmas with an egg steamer.

This one from is a 7 – egg capacity model which goes for only Sh2560

2. Wine Rack

Wine is becoming quite popular in many Kenyan homes, especially among older adults. It has documented health benefits, and you might as well do well and buy your parents a wine rack.

This one on Jumia is going for under Sh3000.


3. Food Basket

This is without a doubt the most popular holiday gift in Kenya. Whenever people are going up country, it is quite common to carry kilos upon kilos of consumables like flour, sugar, rice etc.

It’s best for those on a budget since a few thousands can buy a lot. These days supermarkets have gone a notch higher by beautifully packing select items in an actual basket.

A food basket is ideal as either the main gift or a supplement gift.

4. TV subscription


The past year or so has seen more Kenyans become pay TV subscribers probably than in all the other years combined. This is of course as a result of the digital migration.

It would therefore make a good Christmas gift if you paid the premium subscription for your parents for the next few months or even a whole year. You may even find it cheaper to buy a new decoder with the said subscription. It wouldn’t hurt to have them watch CNN once in a while.

5. Warm & hot wind electric fan


Well, this would definitely come in handy especially during this cold season; an electric heater for the house.

You don’t have to wear heavy clothing indoors when you can ‘take care’ of the cold instead.

To find more perfect gifts and accessories, check out Instash.

Put a smile on your parents faces this Christmas and you’ll have a very blessed 2016.