waigutuThe biggest debate surrounding the corruption in the Devolution Ministry was news that Waiguru had bought sex toys for ‘office use’. It made global headlines, and I’m sure it was very embarrassing even for the confident Waiguru.

The assumption was that Waiguru bought the toys personally, probably for her own enjoyment, but apparently that’s very far from the truth. I would like to believe that even with unchecked stealing, there are things you would not buy ‘infront of people’, and vibrators and masturbators are high on that list.

Now, PS Peter Mangiti has come forward to clarify what the sex toys were used for.

In a statement to newsrooms, the toys are meant for sex education demonstrations. Apparently every ministry should have HIV kits, and that also explains the condom dispensers.

The same statement also clarifies on the Sh8,500 biros and the super expensive Kaspersky Anti-virus. Apparently they were 50 dozen pens and 350 licenses of the antivirus.

The piano supposedly in Waiguru’s office is now said to belong to the National Youth Service band.

The 1.7 million TV is said to be an integrated performance monitoring dashboard… Not sure what that means.

Here’s the statement from PS Mangiti.

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