tinaRadio presenter Tina Kagia recently took to social media to expose her househelp who allegedly threatened to end the life of her son.

The Classic 105 presenter narrated on Facebook on Saturday how her 25 year old househelp by the name, Everlyne Maende Akulima, had threatened to kill her son in her presence.

“She said to my son “one day mummy atakuja apate umefungwa kwa kiti na hausongi juu umedie.and I was right there!then she says ati pole ni kuropokwa!!ati I don’t fire her.shenzi,” She wrote.

Tina attached a photocopy of the house-help’s identification card to the post and warned other mothers not to hire her. She added that she fired her on the spot.


Tina who is married to comedian JB Masanduku have a two year old son together and an eight-year old daughter from Tina’s previous relationship.