These are some of the stories making headlines in the world today.

Facebook expands parental leave policy for all employees globally
Aspiring journalist Rupert Murdoch leaks news that the Los Angeles Times could soon be sold

Pope Francis makes his first trip to Africa and everyone is excited
15 astounding technologies that DARPA is working on right now

The new ‘Star Wars’ movie includes a tribute to a young girl who died of cancer
Turkey to hand over body of dead Russian pilot to Moscow

Leaders due in Paris for COP21 climate change conference –
Pope Francis visits Kenyan slum, lashes out at elite –

Out-there Airbus patent: Detach cabin from airplane –
Jamie Vardy scores in 11th Premier League game to set new record

Rooney struggles in the frontline as Man United draw with Leicester
Pep Guardiola would prefer to manage Manchester United

We Were So Excited with the Pope We Did Not Realize Ken Block is in Kenya
Canadian heartthrob Justin Trudeau gets flirty with his boss, the Queen

A Boeing 757 landed on the blue-ice runway in Antarctica for the first time
Russia just froze Ukraine’s gas supply in what could be really bad news for Europe

What Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and 10 other successful people were doing at 25
Canada’s Miss World contestant: China’s barred me –

Russia will want to make Turkey pay (Opinion) –
Donald Trump goes to war with The New York Times, demands ‘apology before they go out of business’

7 Things that happened at the 2015 British Fashion Awards –
France remembers 130 Paris attacks victims in moving memorial