Here are some of the stories making headlines across the globe today.

French Muslims brace themselves for Islamophobia
The world’s second-largest diamond is discovered in Botswana

Khloe Kardashian fires back at haters commenting on Lamar Odom
11 times Microsoft saw the future – and blew it

‘Invincible’ bacteria threatens global epidemic: study
‘That’s pretty sad’: Donald Trump pounces on ‘devastating’ Ben Carson report

Can amputee sprinter break the 10-second barrier? –
Letter from Africa: Why do presidential jets cause a storm? – BBC News

Premier League stadiums to play French national anthem this weekend
Kenya police deployed to ease two-day traffic jam – BBC News

Alexis Sanchez shows off dance moves in Chilean Huawei advert
Police called as Roma midfielder is mistaken for TERRORIST by hotel guests

Kelly Brook flaunts major cleavage for 2016 calendar
Run or hide in a Paris-style attack, UK government advises

There are actually more Mexicans leaving the U.S. than coming in
50 incredible hotels you should sleep in during your lifetime

Check out Audi’s 3D printed miniature race car
Kim K reveals how she and Kanye will be choosing son’s name

Arsene Wenger fears further terrorist attacks on football
Plane forced to abort landing after approaching runway sideways

PM to get own plane for official trips – BBC News
New Zealand school performs haka tribute to rugby legend Jonah Lomu

It’s official – this is the biggest El Niño on record – and a killer La Niña is coming
Ever hold your poo in? This is why you should NEVER delay toilet time

What we know about Europe’s first-ever female suicide bomber