By Ruby Orimba @OrimbaRuby

Let me correct you: There is nothing less desirable than a proud and scornful woman.
I walk around town and see beautiful girls going about their evening hustle in search of the cheapest mitumba hawker to get their clothes. I see the same girls flaunt their curves on blogs like you said (Which is surprising because you own one too) and at that moment no man really cares about how much the clothes cost.
It is not once or twice that I have boarded a bus and had to ask the lady sitted behind me what perfume she is wearing, hoping against all hope that she won’t name Dolce and Gabbana, only for her to say it was body splash and for how much you ask? Sh.150

Yes Njoki, while you sit on your pedestal and look down upon these ladies with well trimmed ‘plastic weaves’ and heels from Toi market, they continue to do the exact same thing: buy what they can AFFORD.

The first thing my mother told me before I joined the media industry is that before I write, I should always remember that I hold the power to change opinions for good or bad. I believe it was also taught in Ethics but for some strange unfortunate reason, you didn’t get the memo.

You also didn’t get a memo on the importance of research. Shisha has been here for over 500 years as a source of leisure for men and WOMEN of Turkish origin, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Syria. (Information you could have easily gotten off Google if you didn’t waste time oogling and judging people) And for heaven’s sake, the name ‘Hookah’ is what Indians called it way before the terminology ‘hooker’ ever came to existence.


Google says it means stylish and elegant. Not expensive, designer and anti-shisha like you so believe. I know rich women who will leave their highly paying jobs and drive to Villarosa Kempinsky for a good head rush before they head home to their husbands. I also know women who’ll work till five and go home to nag about how improper women are these days to a husband whose cheating with one of them because his wife is a boring, pretensiously pious woman with no verbal restrictions. You know, what most of us call “mama udaku”. I’m still wondering if it is the price tag people will smell or the fresh scent that is perfume.


Trust you to act like rich women don’t fool around in the back of their Range Rovers with young boys and peoples’ husbands. Trust you to act like you descended from heaven on Zeus’ palms and no one is worthy of your time unless they earn like you. I wonder how you sleep at night knowing that a young girl somewhere won’t go to school tomorrow because you said that her clothes weren’t pretty enough. Even the bible promises to chain people like you and drown them in a sea.

Have you ever been raped Njoki? Ever gone out with friends for a night out, got drugged and gang raped? Imagine what a girl whose gone through it felt when she read your story? No one blacks out from shisha and that not withstanding, how dare you advocate for rape, how dare you make sexual harassment sound like a common punishment that women should be subjected to when they do something unacceptable?

I honestly hope a mistake you may have made as a child doesn’t find its way online.

I have no qualms about you warning people on the effects of shisha. Scientists with vast knowledge on it have done so too but with propriety and a whole lot of respect.
You need to pick a struggle woman, because no one needs this kind of negativity in their life.