Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin has been overseeing the daily airstrikes in Syria from a colossal three-floor war room in Moscow.

Long rows of identical desks and computer terminals are crammed into the enormous space, filling up three floors with analysts monitoring activities in the conflict zone.

Sitting at a desk on the central level of the first floor, the Russian President can be seen observing every detail. Putin is surrounded by his trusted military advisers, who have been working hard to shore up the Assad regime in Syria.

Long rows of identical desks and computer terminals are crammed into the enormous space, filling up the room with analysts working tirelessly on three separate floors as they monitor activities in the conflict zone


Strategically positioned the off-green coloured panel walls, several large television monitors can be seen providing the latest updates to the action in the ongoing conflict.

Russia has stepped up air strikes against Islamist militants in Syria with long-range bombers and cruise missiles after the Kremlin said it wanted retribution for those responsible for blowing up a Russian airliner over Egypt.

Russia began a large-scale bombing campaign against targets in Syria on September 30, in which Moscow says is focused on Islamic State militants.

However critics say the air strikes have only targeted a wider band of opponents of Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The focus on Islamic State has intensified since a Russian airliner was brought down by a bomb over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula with the loss of over 200 lives.

The group says it planted the bomb as a response to actions by the Russian Air Force and predicted more attacks on Russia.

The jihadi group published a photograph of a soft drinks can and an apparent detonator in their propaganda magazine Dabiq, claiming the object was used as an explosive device to bring down the plane.

Rows of Russia’s finest military officers, including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov attended the meeting
An incredible wall-to-wall set of television monitors furnish the sides of the war room as surveillance is monitored across the world
Russia’s president Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the Russian Air Force operation in Syria at the National Defence Control Center
Analysts pour over data inside the war room as they continue to monitor and progress Russia’s war plan in Syria
Operators focus on their tasks whilst working inside the multi-million dollar war room in Moscow
The staggering National Defence Control Centre is only a short distance from the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia