isaWell, technically the MP says he’ll pray for both France and Beirut, but for France less.

If you’ve been following proceedings, you know that Paris was attacked over the weekend leaving over 130 dead. What the western media did not tell you is that Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was also attacked by ISIS a day before Paris.

CNN and other media outlets decided to prioritize French lives. Our own Garissa also barely made wall to wall news, and Hon. Isaac Mwaura is not amused.

On Facebook, he wrote,

I pray for France but I pray for Beirut even more. The French have attacked and interfered with so many countries including Libya, Syria, cote d’ivoire. Now it cannot be that some lives are more important than others. I stand with Paris but I stand with Beirut more….and Kenya too where we’ve had attacks like Garissa but Facebook didn’t change its colours to reflect our flag. I hope no country issues travel advisories like they do to us. Je prie pour paris mais je prie pour Beirut plusque Paris parceque il n’yaucune de vie qui est plus importante que les autres.