charityKenyan actress, Elizabeth Wanjiru, famed for the role as Charity in Citizen TV’s drama Mother in Law is involved in a case of matrimonial property ownership spanning three decades.

The actress, who separated from her Ugandan husband in the 80’s, has claimed ownership of their matrimonial home unsuccessfully.

Her estranged husband, Shem Bageine, is the Ugandan Minister of State in East African Affairs. According to Ms Wanjiru, her husband abandoned her in 1981 after 13 years of marriage.

Shem Bageine reportedly went back to his native Uganda in 1987 to build his career after his Kenyan citizenship was revoked by the government.

The actress has been in and out of court fighting for ownership of the home for the past 28 years. She wants the court to grant her full ownership arguing it is her savings that bought the house.

The house was reportedly bought by her money that she credited in an account she held jointly with Mr Bageine. However, Mr Bagaine registered the property under his name before allegedly selling it.

On Thursday, the respondents; Ms Wanjiru and her ex-husband who haven’t met for 34 years appeared before the Court of Appeal alongside Mugo Muiru Investments Limited and Housing Finance Company, the developer of the property.

Here’s a video report courtesy of Citizen TV