ochollaWhen Bro Ocholla pressed send on that famous sext to a WhatsApp church group, he probably did not anticipate it would turn out as it did. He instantly became an overnight celebrity after a screenshot went viral on the interwebs and for some days he was the talk of the town.

Just when we all thought the saga had simmered down, a rapper has come up with an ‘Ocholla’ inspired song. Fast rising hitmaker Majic Mike has released a trap jam aptly titled after the famous brother.

The jam urges people to not be quick to judge or talk ill of other people.

Majik Mike expounded fuhther saying, “If there is anything we have learnt from some of Kenya’s trending topics recently, it is that we are too quick to judge. Even when we have no clue whats going on we still find the need to form an opinion about people. Even when the things we talk about are true, we should still try to not judge or talk ill of other people. Imagine if your PRIVATE life was made PUBLIC!”

Give the jam a listen