mwa1It was only a matter of time before he spoke. Mwafreeka Mwaf is without a doubt one of the most outspoken hip hop heads in the country, and he has finally had his say on the ongoing ‘Who Is King’ debate pitting Juliani against Octopizzo, King Kaka and Khaligraph Jones.

As the rappers continue to drop diss tracks, with the exception of Octopizzo, Mwafreeka reckons no one really cares who is king.

He wrote on his Facebook page,

Can’t avoid this Who Is King debate

A few points:

1. If you’ve never battled anyone face to face I truly doubt your battling skills. I’ve seen 3 of those 4 ninjaz battling. One, never!! ?

2. Before we talk about who has more cash or more fans let’s answer who has more rhymes? One of the four ninjaz in that debate can’t rhyme. I listen to his shit and have to figure out for myself where the rhymes are. That’s wack.

3. An MC should be able to stand by his rhymes. Don’t say something on a song and then act opposite. Coz when it’s time for writing a diss track your words will be used against you.

4. Having a lot of fans doesn’t mean you’re a doper MC than the next MC.
Most Kenyans “believe the hype”.
Even in the age of Google most Kenyans still think a Range Rover Sport is superior to the Range Rover.
Kenyans embrace their ignorance and never let go.

Understanding HipHop takes a lot of effort that’s why dudes who can’t rhyme get all the praise of how “dope” they are.

If you’re that ninja who can’t rhyme, I know your feelings are hurt by an FB post. Imagine getting dissed on a track? ??

5. Subject matter is important but it’s not the only measure of a dope MC.
M.O.P mostly rhyme about busting guns and they are dope!!
Fuck your content can you rhyme good??

6. Last but not least, this is KENYA so who cares who is King? We have presidents in this bitch. The only true king in Africa is Mswati and only Creme de la Creme cums close. ????