sariaThis is as bizarre and hilarious a story as you will ever get to hear/read.

A musician from Kibundani village in Kwale County has sold off his wife for Sh500 after realizing that she was having a love affair with his close friend.

Mwachambuli Saria finally decided to end his four year marriage to Ada Kassim after he could no longer cope with his wife’s lustful behavior.

The popular entertainer in Ukunda known by his stage name  Top K narrated how his once blissful marriage turned into hell.

“We started so well and I loved my wife so much. I remember our first year was so peaceful and God blessed us with a bouncing baby girl,” he said.

However, in recent times, the woman hardly slept home and left their baby with a neighbour whom she used to pay Sh200 on a daily basis.

Matters blew out of proportion when the singer saw his friend’s contacts in her phone’s call list and upon inquiry she refused to give more explanation.

“When I asked her where she got the number she refused to answer. I decided to beat her up and that’s when she told me the truth,” he said.

Saria then struck a Ksh 500 deal with the friend that would see the friend take the woman and stay with her.

The friend reportedly paid a deposit of Ksh 200. He has since been moving around the village with the woman whom he introduces as his wife.

“I heard he is planning to marry her. That cannot happen until he clears my debt plus an additional Sh2,000 which I paid to her family during my introduction,” Mr Saria said.

The friend who refused to be mentioned promised to clear the outstanding amount.

“There was no need for him to take this issue to the media. I will pay him the remaining amount because above all we are still friends and forever will remain so,” he said.

Source: Nairobi News