All did not go as planned for two carjackers who had the ill-intention of robbing off a motorist along the crime-prone Eastern by-pass. The motorist who was driving a Harrier, explained that he sensed danger after noticing two men on a motorbike trailing him, an act that saw him accelerate his speed.

On seeing that their prey would escape, the carjackers also sped up to catch up with him. The driver of the Harrier, then proceeded to hit a lorry that was in front of him causing the two cars to interlock, leaving the robbers no choice but to come ramming into the lorry.

The driver managed to escape with minor injuries after putting an end to the lives of the assailants. We’ve blurred the photos.

carjarkers killed 1
carjarkers killed 4
carjarkers killed 2
carjarkers killed 3