He survived a brutal terrorist attack that left his mother dead and bullet lodged in his head. Over a year later, Baby Satrin Osinya has been passed fit, healthy and recovering well.

The now three year old boy lost his mother in March 2014 after Al Shabaab militants stormed a church in Likoni and opened fire. The bullet that killed his mother lodged inside his head as his older brother, Gift Osinya, showed bravery to rescue him from the incident and rushed him to hospital.

His saddening story caught the attention of Kenyans countrywide including Nairobi senator Mike Sonko who adopted him.

On Monday, Satrin had a scheduled check up at the Kenyatta National Hospital where his doctor,  Mwangi, said he continued to show progress.

“The bullet had been lodged in his visual cortex and the aim of these visits is to check that none of his functionalities were affected. For example, we check to see if he can move his limbs, if he can see clearly and the healing progress of the wound after surgery,” Dr Mwangi explained.

He added that Osinya still needs another year of monitoring because of a growing fracture.

“He has what we call a growing fracture where we operated. This means that there is a small gap between two bones and though it is not a cause for alarm now, we will need to monitor it and see if it closes on its own. If it does not then we will cover the gap with artificial bone,” Mwangi said.

Osinya who was accompanied by his adoptive mother, Primrose Mbuvi appeared happy and buoyant.

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