loboito5You better have good friends or this friendship between a baby giraffe and a baby elephant will put yours to shame.

The giraffe is named Kiko while the calf goes by the name Loboito, and they can be found at Kenya’s first national park, the Nairobi National Park. The two formed an inseparable bond after finding refuge in Nairobi.

Kiko was found abandoned at the Meru National Park by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and was brought to a wildlife trust in the Nairobi National Park. At one month old, he was too little to stay at the Giraffe stable and was instead housed next to the elephants. It is here that he struck the unlikely friendship with fellow orphan, Loboito, a three week old calf.

Loboito(‘the only one’) was rescued alone and hungry in Samburu and airlifted to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage in Nairobi.

A footage captured early this month shows just how inseparable the two buddies are. As Kiko strolls through through the orphanage, a boisterous Loboito can be seen trotting excitedly behind, desperate to keep up with his towering buddy.

Here’s the video courtesy of Barcroft TV.

Photos of Loboito’s rescue





And Kiko