ATLHe came out thumping his chest like King Kong and declared himself King but as it turns out, Khaligraph Jones’ self proclaimed throne has a worthy claimant.

Couple months ago, Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones dropped what was and probably still is one of the biggest rap jams of the year. Dubbed ‘I am King/RIP Competition’, Khaligraph with the help of top disc jockey Creme de la Creme, hushed the Kenyan rap scene and it looked like the competition had been killed and buried.

Well, someone has responded in emphatic fashion and blown the hip hop throne wide open. A little known raper by the name ATL(Above The Law) has dropped a diss track dubbed ‘Long Live Competition’. The jam is a merciless, blatant attack on Mr. Embesha and Creme de la Creme whom ATL describes as a ‘DJ Khaleed wannabe.’

Give it a listen below and decide if it is worth the hype.

You can download the jam HERE.