A Kenyan couple has been arrested in United States after being found guilty of  swindling off a whooping Ksh. 275 million from a health facility. Ms. Lyneth Nyabiosi and Mr. Willie Evans who have been slapped with a law suit, have agreed to plotting and committing the offense.

As reports have it, Nyabiosi, 50, and Evans, 53, ran an entity dubbed “Information Management Solutions Technology,” which they created to appear as an autonomous third party contractor, with the ill intention of using it to swindle off cash from Sheppard Pratt Health System.

Prosecutors handling the case have also indicated that, the embezzlement of the figures started way back in 2007 until late in 2014 when investigations pinpointed the two for being responsible.

Apparently, they used part of the money to start their own non-profit organization dubbed JNN Foundation.

Well, below are photos of Lyneth Nyabiosi.

Lyneth Nyabiosi 2
Lyneth Nyabiosi 4
Lyneth Nyabiosi 5
Lyneth Nyabiosi 6
Lyneth Nyabiosi 7

Below is a video of Lyneth Nyabiosi during an interview with Melina Obare about her JNN Foundation.