ringtone1No sooner had the dust settled on recent allegations that Ringtone forced a former lover to abort their love child, than another scandal accusing him of hatching a plot to destabilise the music industry surfaced.

This time, the accusations levelled against the controversial gospel singer come from Kenya National Union of Musicians(KENUM). According to the artist’s union, Ringtone is misleading musicians by being two-faced when it comes to fighting for their rights.

According to KENUM’s assistant chairperson Qty, the union has acquired recordings proving Ringtone’s plot to destabilise the music industry.

“We have obtained exclusive recordings of a scheme hatched to destabilise the music industry. The scheme involves character assassination, false allegations and incitement with an aim to discredit the Music Copyright Society of Kenya and its officials,” Qty told Word Is.

In the recordings, Ringtone is reportedly heard trying to tarnish the name of MCSK.

KENUM added that “more recordings will be released where demands for money is made and other damaging information.”

Ringtone has responded to the allegations denying being used by Premium Rate Service Providers (PRSPs) — the ringtone download sellers — to derail a new deal where artistes will earn 15 per cent of the money generated from downloads, up from 7.5 per cent.

“I personally took the CMOs (Collective Management Organisations -MCSK, Kamp and Prisk) to meet the Deputy President so that he can help push the Skiza deal, so I don’t understand why they are saying I’m out to destroy the deal and yet I helped build it up!” Ringtone said.

“Those recordings are a segment of a two-hour meeting, I’m daring them to release the entire recording because I have my own dossier that I will release.” He added.

-Word Is