in1Facing serious competition in the vernacular radio sector, SK Macharia is seeking to rediscover his form in vernacular TV. Royal Media Services has announced that it will be launching 4 vernacular TV stations, namely Inooro TV for Kikuyu, Ramogi TV for Luo, Chamgei for Kalenjin and Musyi for Kamba.

The first to be rolled out in two weeks time is Inooro TV.

From the promos that have been done, the current Kikuyu TV leader Njata TV has a lot to be worried about. Everything about Njata has always looked ‘shaky’. From the graphics, to the studio; it has always been clear that there’s some bit of professionalism lacking.


Backed by big money, Inooro might very easily mean the death of Njata, 3 Stone or other Kikuyu stations in existence or planning to launch.

From the money invested in the graphics, news studio, talent and programming, it’s clear SK means business.

Kikuyu is the largest community and I’ll not be surprised if Inooro TV overtakes the likes K24, KBC and QTV for a top 4 position. From this Citizen news report, you can already guess that rural folks will be glued to this new ‘gem’.

This was predicted to happen after the digital migration, but no one foresaw big players entering the vernacular market. KTN’s launch of KTN News was seen as the direction established players would take. Royal Media’s genius move therefore presents a whole new battlefront.

It is curious that Inooro TV news studio is one of the most colourful in Kenya. Of course this is subjective, but I’m sure put alongside the main stations in Kenya, it should make top 3 for most people. This just shows how serious they are treating this new venture.

Check out these photos.







On their programming, ‘Gaterina’ promises to be a captivating soap opera.



plus comedy show ‘Magegania’

And a Game showin10


This begs the question, where would you place Inooro TV’s news studio?