The one thing we know about Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is that he does not give a single F. The usually hard headed and tough talking Head of State was at it again in India during the India-Africa Forum Summit 2015(IAFS).

Delegates from foreign countries were welcomed in India with a taste of Indian traditions. The reception dinner, hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was inspired by the ‘Indian Mela'(carnival) bringing together food, music and artifacts from all the states in the country for the African Heads of Governments and States.

To ensure the full Indian ambience, African leaders were dressed in the traditional attire specially sewn for them. Measurements of the 54 Heads of State had been requested ahead of the summit, so that the ensemble could be stitched in time.

However, it soon became clear that no one tells Mugabe what to wear. The leader was the odd one out as he opted for his grey suit.

Check him out


Dress code for who?

Meanwhile Uhuru Kenyatta was looking sharp