size8Having being in the limelight as a couple for a relatively short time, it only makes sense that Size 8 and DJ Mo would look up to Nameless and Wahu who have been in the game for much longer.

According to Nameless, the Murayas have been their family friends for a while now, and that they (Dj Mo and Size 8) often consult with him and Wahu about family issues.

Speaking to Citizen Digital last week, Nameless shared a word of advice to the couple ahead of welcoming their bundle of joy.

“Size 8 is a good friend of mine. We talk a lot; not only about music but also about family.”

“She (Size 8) has a young family now. She talks very much with my wife because we go through the same kind of challenges; being that we are both in the industry and our spouses too are in the industry,” Nameless said.

Revealing that he learnt about Size 8’s pregnancy way before it caught the public eye, Nameless said; “I am very happy for them; how they are managing themselves. I am happy for her; we learnt very early when she got pregnant.”

“We were doing a video shoot then she whispered to us… by the way ‘he/she is soon coming’…and I was like wow!”

The Butterfly hitmaker concluded by giving a word of advice to the gospel couple saying; “I just want to tell them to keep going; protect each other from the negative energy they will most definitely encounter. But they keep God at the centre of everything, so I know all shall be well.”

Additional Reporting by Citizen Digital.