festusLast week, a story about a cheating husband whose bitter wife allegedly torched his car in Rongai, went viral on social media. Incase you missed all the details, click HERE.

Festus Miriti, the man whose car was allegedly burnt has opened up for the first time since the incident. In an interview with The Nairobian last week, he claimed the story was just a rumour.

“I don’t want to talk to the media. It’s a simple story actually. The car had a fire incident and the police are investigating. Everyone out here has had his or her own version. I am cool with that; it’s a free country you know. For more details, I recommend you speak to the police. Thanks,” Miriti said.


He further denied allegations that he was in a clande’s house and defended his wife saying; “The one responsible (for the rumour)  is out there smiling and having a good laugh reading the comments and claims that it’s a case of a love triangle. My wife was not responsible. If anything, this has brought us even closer. The police have my statement and those of the people who were at the scene. I will be meeting the investigating officer on Thursday (October 22) .”

In a strange twist to Festus’ claims, Ongata Rongai OCPD Silas Ringera claimed that Miriti was yet to record a statement with the police (at the time of writing).

“The case is still under investigation, but so far, no one has been arrested. I have heard rumours that the car might have been set on fire by the man’s wife, but he has not reported that yet, so we can only term it as hearsay as of now,” he said, adding that the fire was reported by residents.

Additional Reporting by The Nairobian.