Floyd Mayweather has for the last consecutive years, been listed as the highest paid athlete, a fact that explains his lavish lifestyle. Considered the best boxer of his generation, his last loss in the ring was way back in 1996 after being defeated by Bulgaria’s Serafim Todorov.

Well, the money-man known for his flamboyance has a Kenyan clone who completely coins his looks to a tee. Yes, mix-master Deejay Spyce (@mistaspyce), would easily pass for the boxer’s identical twin brother. And both have gifted hands; one is a boxer and the other is a deejay.

Here are some of their photo collages. See the striking resemblance.

Dj Spyce, Floyd Mayweather 2
Dj Spyce, Floyd Mayweather 4
Dj Spyce, Floyd Mayweather 1
Dj Spyce, Floyd Mayweather 3