If you are a religious listener of Classic 105 in the morning, you have surely heard how some of our married women shamelessly call Maina Kageni and unclothe their husbands on air for all the public to hear. Saddened by that matter, a concerned lady has come out to strongly condemn the ill-behaved females who have lost marital morals in an eye-opening letter that she penned down and shared on social media.

Terming the women stupid and manner-less, below is the hard talk she gave to ladies who recklessly speak ill of their husbands. Below is the letter she expressed her feelings and strong opinions through.


Evening Married Woman,
~I heard You call into the Maina Kageni Classic 105 show,
~I heard You lamenting about how Your Man is lousy in bed,
~I heard you broadcast your Man’s weaknesses to the public,
~I heard You jeering at Your Man, lambasting and deriding
~I heard You, Woman!
According to You,
‘He’s a dog !’
According to You,
‘He’s lousy !’
According to You,
‘He is the reason Marriage sucks!’
According to You,
‘ALL MEN are jerks!’

BUT HEY,I Wonna Tell You for Free.
¿ Maina will NEVER give Your Man a reason to come home early, THAT’S YOUR JOB!
¿ Maina will NEVER tell Your Man how to make love to You,THAT’S YOUR JOB!
¿ Maina will NEVER tell your Man what turns you on, THAT’S YOUR JOB!
¿ Maina will NEVER remind your Man it’s your birthday anniversary, THAT’S YOUR JOB!
¿ Maina will NEVER enlarge your Man’s manhood, ITS NATURE. You either PUT UP with it or SHUT UP!
¿ Maina will never spice Up your *** life, THAT’S YOUR JOB! My dear Lady, It’s about time You started appreciating that Man…
=It’s about time You started loving that Man like You used to….
=It’s about time You started treating him like You used to.,.
=It’s about time You started thanking God for that Man…
=It’s about time You rekindled that LOVE!
# Ask Michelle Obama the stuff she’s been through, AND YET HER MARRIAGE is still going strong!
# Ask Hillary Clinton the stuff she’s been through, AND YET HER MARRIAGE is still going strong…
#Ask Jada-Pinkett Smith what stuff she’s been through, AND YET HER MARRIAGE is still going strong! Hey! Quit whining! Quit complaining! Quit grumbling!

Before you JUDGE and CURSE your Man, try to UNDERSTAND and BLESS Him! Maybe, YOU ARE THE REASON HE’S THE JERK HE IS!
You have a choice; Either choose to entertain the Nation with stories on how crappy Your Man is, OR choose to entertain HIM with stories on How Blessed You are to have Him! THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!  WISE Women are busy trying to make their marriages work, while STUPID women are busy seeking advice from a clownish Radio Presenter…… Who is NOT even Married! You Ought To Style Up! Kweli andu ni masembie mitwe (Ulizeni Maina Hio, Nkt