rameshFollowing the news that Taj Mall in Embakasi is set to be brought down to pave way for expansion of the outering road, Rameshchandra Govind, proprietor of the mall has spoken up.

“I would rather die than see this building brought down after years of struggle,” he said.

Mr. Ramesh said that he legally owns the the 3.7 acres where the mall stands and has not received any eviction notice.

“I have not received any eviction notice from anybody. The only letter we have is from Kura and they said the building does not interfere with the current road design,” he said.

He was reportedly speaking at the mall last week when he said he acquired 1.75 acres in 1991 and another two acres in 1995, both from Abuja Ltd before joining the two parcels.


He added that he was issued with a title deed by then commissioner of lands Wilson Gachanja under the instruction of President Moi.

The title was issued in the presence of then deputy principal registrar of titles J M Okungu.

Ramesh revealed that the mall cost $5 million to build.

“The latest valuation showed that this mall without the tenants properties is Sh5.5 billion, if you add the tenants, then it rises to Sh15 billion. Where can the government get all this money to compensate us if they cannot pay teachers,” he said.

Source: The Star