vanessaPopular socialite turned singer Vanessa Chettle has for the first time opened up about her struggles with drug abuse. The confessions comes weeks after the petite popular girl-about-town turned over a new leaf and launched her debut single ‘I Hate.’

Speaking to Pulse, Vanessa revealed that she was abusing drugs for about 6 months.

For how long did you abuse drugs?

“For about six months. It was becoming such an addiction. Sometimes when I was called for an event out of Nairobi, I would opt for a road trip as opposed to going through the airport where I definitely would be caught by security officials with the drugs. Very few friends knew this.”

That is serious. Which drugs were you using?

“Ecstasy and cocaine.”

How were you able to get the drugs, I mean, these are illegal drugs?

“You would be surprised that these drugs are actually easily accessible to those who use them. I won’t give more leads into this as that is now in my past. The downside is that my health deteriorated and I stopped thinking and acting normal. I lost a lot of money because the drugs were really expensive. I was basically losing myself in every aspect.”

She also revealed how she got into drugs citing peer pressure and that alcohol was not doing it for her.

“I love going out, socialising and partying. I’ve been partying since I was 16. When you are out there, you always hear about drugs being cool and see people using them. Partying became my job as I am in showbiz and at some point, I felt that alcohol was not enough to keep me going. That is when peer pressure overcame me. Slowly, I got into drugs.”

We are assuming that you are no longer using the drugs now, right?

“I stopped. I went into rehab for about 21 days. I’ve been cleaned up. I had to go off social media and everything through which I could get hooked up again. The truth is, my sister knew I was hooked on drugs and that is when she got to tell my Dad who, together with my other family members, intervened. Let’s just say my family members saved me.”

In the interview, Vanessa also opened up about her marriage to an old white man.

You were also rumoured to be in a relationship with an old, white man. Was that true?

“I had a good upbringing but in my teenage years I was dealing with a step mother and a hostile environment. I ran away at 17 and ended up in Nairobi where I met Robert, the old, white man, and we were married for two years. I got married when I was 18.”

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