kingRapper Kristoff’s moniker, ‘Mluhya wa Busia’ is under serious contention from fast rising artiste King Kambongosi.

King Kambongosi, the self proclaimed ‘King of Luhya music’ has a bone to pick with the rapper for calling himself Mluhya Wa Busia. According to the King,’ Kristoff should stop rapping in English.

“If Kristoff thinks he represents Luhyas, he should stop rapping in English. Let him do pure Luhya songs just like me.” He told Word Is.

King further dared Kristoof to a head to head contest.

“If he thinks he is the musical king of Luhya, I dare him to go head-to-head in this contest with me. I have the authentic African beats and lyrics, which truly represents the true sound of the Luhya. My plan is to maintain it all the way.”

When reached for comment, Kristoff reportedly brushed off the issue saying, ‘No Comment.’

Kambongosi is currently riding high on the jam dubbed ‘Yapapala’.

Check it out;